Yankee playoff tickets actually cheaper than regular season

Christmas will come in October for Yankee season-ticket holders.

For the first time ever, playoff tickets will actually be cheaper than the astronomical prices the team charged during the regular season, the team said yesterday.

The $2,500 Legends seats right behind home plate will cost only $275 during the American League Division Series.

And even if the Bombers make it all the way to the World Series, the most fans will pay for Legends seats — the priciest in the Stadium — will be $425.

But the ALDS markdown from $2,500 to $275 is not as drastic as it appears.

Most of the $2,500 that wealthy fans shelled out to sit in Legends seats went toward the upfront “licensing fees” they paid for the privilege of actually buying the tickets.

That made the average cost of a regular-game ticket itself $325.

So the $275 price for the ALDS actually represents a savings of $50 a ticket.

Less affluent fans who want to see the ALDS will pay $5 for obstructed-view bleacher seats and up to $29 for grandstand seats. Terrace-level seats will go for up to $80, and those on the main level will cost up to $125.


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