Connecticut legislators burn the midnight oil passing budget – and playing solitaire on their laptops

Here's a great shot of Connecticut's legislature in action. They're burning some midnight oil surfing the web, playing solitaire and eventually voting on the new budget.

The state House of Representatives late Monday approved a Democratic-written budget bill that would cut estate taxes for the wealthy, reduce the sales tax for everyone and increase the state income tax for couples earning more than $1 million a year.

For nonsmokers with middle-class income, the biggest tax impact would be a cut in their sales taxes from 6 percent to 5.5 percent that would be enacted in January 2010 in an attempt to stimulate the economy. But that tax cut would be repealed if the state's revenue collections fall more than 1 percent lower than projected.

In a vote shortly before midnight, the bill was approved largely along party lines, 103-45. The measure was immediately sent to the Senate, which was expected to approve the budget after a debate early this morning.,0,583118.story


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