Tips: ERP Consultants – Now is the time to plan for your busy season – 4 tips to make $20,000 more in 2010

The end of the year represents a time when we should all start to come into the busier time of our business.

The last half of the year is traditionally when companies are upgrading their accounting systems or thinking of starting projects that are intended to improve their reporting.

Now is the  time when you should review the rates you’re charging to clients and consider changes – in advance of the busier and hopefully more billable year end. Since all of our costs tend to rise from year to year – it is only fair that your rates should rise as well.

With that in mind, I have several suggestions about billing that have worked exceptionally well for me (aka clients don’t complain or question).

Implement these today and I’d be surprised if you could not start increasing your bottom line $20,000 or more next year.  I’ve implemented these tips myself each of the last several years. I don’t recommend you make a big deal out of it or spend days writing an apologetic letter about how the economy sucks and you’re “forced” to make a “small” adjustment to rates.

Just “man or woman up” and get in there and adjust your billing practices. In this economy there’s no room for bashful billers. Here’s my four tips that will work for you – because they’ve worked for me!

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