“I Have No Toilet Paper:” Hartford Head Custodian

“School is on the 31st and I have no toilet paper. Again,” said Levey Kardulis, the president of the custodian’s union.

Less than two weeks before school starts, Kardulis said he has no supplies and fewer custodians to clean and prepare the classrooms.

“Since last year, June 30th, Dr. Adamowski, we have lost 100,000 manpower hours and we want to get the job done,” Kardulis said, looking directly at Supt. Dr. Steven Adamowski.

Some teachers said they can’t even get into their classrooms to get them ready because they haven’t been cleaned.

“It’s very sad we have to go through this every year about money, about supplies we need and nothing gets done,” Janet Harwell, a middle school teacher, said.


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