$643,000 per year rent to sell hot dogs in front of NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sherpa agreed late last year to pay almost $643,000 annually for the right to sell food and drinks from carts on either side of the Met’s entrance. He fell $310,000 behind on rent and the city has seized $170,000 in Sherpa’s assets.

Sherpa and Rossi say the city needs to do a better job keeping so called “black market” hot dog vendors away from the Met.

“As soon as they pulled Sherpa’s cart out yesterday, all these guys just pulled in. The city has to enforce the law,” said Rossi.

These unlicensed dealers offer dogs and drinks for less money than the legit businessmen, whose prices are set by the Parks Department.

“I sell water for $2 and the others sell it for $1,” he said. “If I charged $10 a hot dog maybe I could compete.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2009/08/09/2009-08-09_hot_dog_vendor_booted_by_met_lands_new_gig.html#ixzz0NgWbUJLN


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