Top 10 Disgusting Websites to Share With Friends

Are you constantly looking for something fresh and interesting to link to from your MySpace or Facebook account to intrigue and fascinate your friends?

Choosing which websites should make the top ten list was very difficult only because there’s just so much stuff on the net that’s absolutely nauseating. And there’s really no way to pick the top websites, because there are just so many within each category – so instead I chose one appalling sample from each category. Those categories include surgeries (both human and animal), medical conditions, bugs and insects, bodily functions and a few other utterly gross things I can’t even type without gagging. I decided to write this article partially as a form of therapy. I admit it – I’ve got a weak stomach. I’ve been stung by wasps and hornets enough so that some insects really creep me out. I hate the sight of bodily fluids, and if you want to see me pass out just put me in the same room where there’s some kind of surgery that involves a scalpel cutting open human skin. Okay see…I almost just passed out again. Alright, let’s take a deep breath and work our way through the list.


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