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How does FindToto work?

* The address where your pet was last seen becomes the center point of the neighborhood lost pet alert.
* Our automated calling system can call thousands of your neighbors within 1 hour, telling them to be on the lookout for your missing pet.
o Our system is designed to call each number up to four times during our call session in attempt to reach the recipient or their answering service/machine . Also keep in mind that many people have Caller I.D. and may very well call us back based on the number they see and we will be happy to direct them to you!
* Your lost dog or lost cat message describes your pet in detail, including your contact number, and our website address where the recipient can go to view your lost pet’s picture and information.
* Ideally if someone has information relating to your missing pet, they will be able to contact you directly.
* Alternately they may contact FindToto and we will gladly put them in touch with you right away.

Neighborhood alert


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